Len Clements

Len Clements’s influence in the network marketing industry cannot be understated. I can say with 100% certainty that Len is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the country with respect to the direct sales industry. In addition to his specialty of creating compensation plans for startup companies, Len is incredibly well versed in the law. When it comes to the particular needs faced by startup companies, Len has a lot to offer.

Len is a tireless contributor to the betterment of the direct sales industry. It’s amazing how much work product he produces each week. He does work for clients, he conducts interviews with various industry leaders, he’s an extremely active leader for the Association for Network Marketing Professionals, he’s been a keynote speaker and he’s one of the most sought after expert witnesses for companies in litigation.

In addition to his professional abilities, I also value Len Clements as a friend. Whether I’m filing a class action lawsuit or trying to pass an anti-pyramid scheme bill, Len was always there to spend hours with me providing his perspective and guidance. Instead of reacting emotionally to rumors, Len has always struck me as a guy that “seeks first to understand.” No matter the circumstance, he’s always trying to get all of the information before forming his opinions, which is another reason why I value Len’s friendship.

If you’re in the market for a MLM Consultant or an expert witness, Len Clements is certainly a person to keep in your roladex. His resume is provided below.

Len Clements – Resume

  • Bess McCarty

    Thank you Kevin, I also am grateful for Len’s objectivity, commitment, and courage to speak his truth. Thank you both for your contributions to this profession.

  • Ken “MLM Professor” Stewart

    I’ve known Len for a number of years-I think we’ve been in the industry for about the same number of years. There’s 3 things I know for certain when it comes to Len-he does his due diligence and research; you get a thorough analysis, especially in regards to the pay plan and the legality of the program; and you get a “no holds barred, call it like you see them” approach from him! (He doesn’t do “empty” reviews like the ones you constantly see online!) Case in point-his recent and extensive overview of the Empower Network. Very few people are as knowledgeable about pay plans and regulatory compliance as Len.

    • Edward Katongole

      Send me MLM opportunities open to Africa and Uganda in particular.

      • Ken Stewart

        Edward, what is your email address? I will try to look you up on Facebook!

  • Sandy Botkin

    Let is one of the best, straight up guys you will meet. He is VERY knowledgeable and very honorable. I was talking to him about a random case, which he thoroughly knew about. He always thinks things through and doesn’t shot from the hip. He would be a great guy to hire for any consulting gig related to network marketing