Google Plus, ViSalus Growth and Direct Selling Edge

In the video, I talk about three exciting things: Google Plus, ViSalus’s stellar growth and the Direct Selling Edge conference.

Google Plus

It’s an amazing platform, period.  If you’re not on it, I strongly encourage you to create a profile and get started.  If you’re on it, scroll over to the top right corner and add the MLM Attorney + Page to one of your circles.  The main reasons why I think it’s amazing: first, it’s driven more by “what you’re into,” not “who you know.”  There’s a strong difference and if you don’t understand it, you will once you play around on the platform.  It’s so easy to connect with people that share your interests, so no more awkward friend requests.  Second, it’s already influencing search results, which is important for anyone with a website.

ViSalus kills it.

I recently wrote about this.  ViSalus’s success benefits the entire industry for four reasons.

Direct Selling Edge conference.

We’re bringing it back!  The first event was spectacular and we’re making this one even better.  Jay Leisner and I are hosting the MLM Startup conference event in Las Vegas on March 8 and 9.  Click here for tentative details.

  • Tyler Ford

    ViSalus is awesome. Love the Vi Life! Thanks for posting. 

    • Kevin Thompson

      You’re welcome, Tyler.  Vi has a lot to be excited about right now.

      • Tyler Ford

        I agree! 

    • Kevin Thompson

      It’s my pleasure, Tyler.  Keep up the great work!

  • Eric Rose

    Yes, Loving ViSalus and the 90-day Challenge. :) 

    • Joni Robbins

      congrats on your success Eric!

    • Kevin Thompson

      They do a great job, Eric.  Keep working hard.  

  • Jay NaPier

    Visalus is a well run company with products that get Real Results