Living the Island Life and 7 Traits of Successful Companies

IMG 3404I had the privilege of speaking at the Island Life launch party in Cocoa Beach, Florida. It was an exciting trip! I packed up the family and made a little vacation out of it. Buca and I have been friends for a couple of years and I was excited to hear the news about he and his partner starting their own company. Buca will tell you straight up, the Island Life culture is not for everyone. When the first item on the itinerary was a BBQ with an ocean view and the last item was a karaoke costume party, it was pretty apparent that Buca was injecting his signature in the DNA of the business. Because he’s so focused on a unique distributor experience, it just might work.

I also had the pleasure of hanging out with Doug Wead, networking great and Senior Advisor to the Ron Paul campaign.

At the event, I gave a talk about the seven traits successful companies have in common. I threw together the video below to serve as the highlights. It’s not the best production quality but I think you’ll enjoy the content. I’ll package this in a more professional manner in the future and re-ship. But for now, catch a glimpse. The seven traits are also listed below. Take care, for now.

1) Leadership
2) Product
3) Design
4) Systems
5) Compliance
6) Capital
7) Field

  • Phil Sorentino

    Great stuff! What about a personnel and professional development program or system? As a Humor Consultant I am little bias.

  • http://tanishaadjo.con Tanisha

    Nice to meet you Kevin at the empower event

  • Buca

    You were great Kev!