Distributor Spotlight – Bernie Bringhurst

I have the distinct pleasure of introducing my new friend, Bernie Bringhurst. As a top 10 earner for a network marketing company, Bernie and his lovely wife, Brenda, were both invited to an achievers trip in Phuket, Thailand.  Sharon and I really enjoyed the time we got to spend with this great couple.  They’ve been married for over 33 years and they’re obviously still very much in love.     

Bernie is an established networker with demonstrable results.  In the interview, we discuss the following:

  • History about his participation in one of the first weight loss MLMs in the country.  
  • As a married man of 33 years, he discusses ways to keep the relationship solid while building a big business.
  • The importance of focus

Bernie and Brenda are just good people.  I’m glad Bernie agreed to do the interview and I hope you take away some valuable nuggets.  If you have any thoughts or comments, please share them below.  And if you think Bernie did a great job, hit the Like or the +1 button for me please. Thanks.  

  • http://www.bidify.com/dfegel Doug Fegel

    Awesome interview and I’m proud to be part of the Bidify organization. Bernie is great when he hosts some of the webinars. Also kudos to you Kevin Thompson for you hard work and helping Bidify and other mlm companies!

  • http://freeleadtraining.com Dave Steffensmeier

    Great video and nice to see you without a suit and tie on. You were overdressed for the empower conference. lol Great presentation that you provided though.