Herbalife Distributors Continue to Win Despite War on Wall Street

This post is for the unsung heroes carrying the Herbalife organization through this difficult period. Candidly, their distributors are dominating! 2nd Quarter Earnings are in for Herbalife. All of the major metrics are up. Despite the war on Wall Street over the fate of Herbalife between several notable players, the Herbalife distributors continue to produce results. In this video, I explain the importance of their achievement. I also give a few predictions about what this conflict means for the future of the industry.

If you’re interested in the financial elements surrounding Herbalife stock, check out the video below. Robert Chapman does a great job explaining the current and potential value of $HLF. He understands the network marketing model AND the markets, which makes his insight valuable. If you’ll recall, Robert Chapman was literally the first professional on Wall Street to question Bill Ackman’s analysis. His article titled “Herbalife: Why I Made It a 35% Position after the Bill Ackman Bear Raid,” let a lot of air out of Ackman’s proverbial tires. It moved the market. I’m proud to know him.


  • michel summers

    Haters will not weaken us, but make us more determined to prove that our industry is in fact the better way for the everyday person.
    Let’s make take this as our crusade to show the world that hope for a brighter future is possible.
    Question is, how big is your imagination, your dreams that will make you want to go after it!
    The new economy is network marketing!
    Your going to be paid based on you and your teams performance!
    You dictate your raise not a boss!
    Traditional market industries are collapsing all around us because the model is now obsolete!
    People now see the true nature of these industries and the head people who run them.
    Time for everyone to put down the American Idol and everything else on the idiot box and pursue their true calling in life.
    This life isn’t promised to any of us, make the most of it!
    Long Live Network Marketing!