What Doctors Wish Their Attorneys Knew

What Doctors Wish their Attorneys Knew from Thompson Burton on Vimeo.

When doctors find themselves on the wrong side of a complaint against their professional license, they usually hire a lawyer who doesn’t understand their practice or predicament. In this interview, administrative lawyer Alex Fisher interviews Dr. Wayne Henderson about what doctors wish their attorneys knew about the practice of medicine.

In this interview, Alex and Dr. Henderson discuss:

1. The nervousness physicians experience when interacting with the legal world–particularly when a physician practices pain management.

2. How physicians can properly care for patients and not worry about the Board of Medical Examiners always looking over their shoulder to see if they have done something wrong.

3. The benefit of electronic record keeping over paper record keeping.

4. The potential for a physician to change his or her practice style when nervous about being criticized of doing something wrong.

5. The fact that physicians want an attorney to represent them who (1) they feel comfortable with, (2) who is specialized in the administrative law field, and (3) who has a basic knowledge of the practice of medicine.

6. The importance of documentation interventions and conversations with patients so that a physician knows exactly what happen and what he was thinking in each patient encounter.

 I hope you find the video informative.  If you learned anything, feel free to share or contact me here.