Jackie Dusek has worked in the legal field for more than 35 years, focusing predominantly on the area of domestic relations and family law since 1999. Clients are incredibly comfortable with Jackie and often comment on her warm personality, intelligence, and accessibility to her clients.  Over her lengthy legal career, she has participated in large trials, mediations, and cases of financial complexity, as well as smaller, more streamlined cases.  Jackie cares about each client and cares about the result of their case.  


Jackie joined Thompson Burton in 2014 and works primarily with Cathy Speers Johnson in the firm’s Nashville office. Outside of her legal work, Jackie loves to stay busy.  She has been a realtor for 20 years, and her real estate license has often benefited Cathy in their divorce cases. She is as dedicated to her family and friends as she is to her work. Jackie and her husband love to travel, and on occasion, they will grab a grandchild or two and take them along for the ride.