Southern/Alpha Features Thompson Burton PLLC as the First Law Firm in Tennessee (and one of the first nationally) to Accept Bitcoin as Payment

It seems contradictory doesn’t it? A well-known law firm in Nashville, Tennessee is the first law firm in Nashville, and among the first nationally, to accept Bitcoin in exchange for law practice. According to Kevin Thompson of Thompson Burton, accepting BTC is a practical decision for the firm and opens up new opportunities for both local and international clients. “We want to make it easier for clients to do business with us,” Kevin said in an interview with Southern/Alpha. “With some of our international clients, they’re starting to transact via BTC. With zero processing fees, why would we not accept BTC? In order to protect ourselves from any value fluctuations, we liquidate the BTC the moment we receive them. I’m confident that it’s only a matter of time before BTC values stabilize once the global transaction volume increases.” Click here to continue reading this story at Southern/Alpha.

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