Thompson Burton Heads East

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As I mentioned in the last TB video, I’ve got the good fortune of taking a business trip to Thailand with my lovely wife, Sharon.  It’s the first trip we’ve taken in over a year without the kids, and it’s on my personal bucket list.   When a client called and made the invitation, I gladly accepted.

As I was on the very long flight towards Thailand, I had a lot of time to read and think.  I caught myself really counting my blessings and thinking that there’s never been a better time in history to practice law.  I mean it.  Walt and I are extremely lucky.  These are great times for two reasons: (1) the recession; and (2) technology.

The recession helped trim the fat.  Big firms are getting smaller and clients are focusing more on value. They’re asking themselves, “What level of service am I receiving in exchange for X dollars?”  There’s low hanging fruit for attorneys who want to work hard, build a pipeline of pre-transaction value and dive deep into a niche.

As for technology, we now have the ability to take the show on the road.  Just a few years ago, the means of production belonged at the office.  If you wanted to get work done, you had to be there.  Remember those days?  Today, we’ve got cloud computing, web conferencing, free marketing tools that can reach audiences all across the world and easy, secure remote access to documents from a web browser, mobile phone or tablet device.  The world is getting flatter and it’s enhancing productivity tremendously.  We’re becoming more productive while at the same time, leading more fulfilling lives inside and outside the office.

We’re lucky.  It was impossible to achieve an optimized “work / life balance” when one had to keep the two realms completely separate.  Richard Branson once said that work / life balance is a myth.  It’s all just part of one life with different strands of threads.

With Thompson Burton, we get the chance to design a work culture from scratch that empowers lawyers and staff to maximize their potential and produce great work while at the same time, living better lives.  Our theory is that great work and personal fulfillment are not mutually exclusive—they’re mutually reinforcing.  Today, we’re grateful and excited because we’ve got a real shot to achieve this goal.  At the end of the day, everything TB does is driven by client satisfaction.  When attorneys are firing on all cylinders, doing what they love in a fostering work environment, they’ll do great work that gets the right kind of recognition from clients and colleagues.