Creative Competitors – Frode Jorgensen

In this episode, I interview Frode Jorgenson, founder of Bidify.  Bidify is a penny auction site, similar to QuiBids, with the exception of a compensation formula that rewards Affiliates for referring other customers to the platform.  Despite being in its early stages, the company is growing at a rapid clip.

In May of 2012, the company hosted an achievers trip in Phuket, Thailand for its top 10 sales people over the last quarter.  They were gracious enough to invite me so as to meet in person and better understand each other.  I spent the week in Thailand getting to know the founders and meeting with Bidify’s top leaders.  And yes, I managed to have a lot of fun along the way.  The weather was perfect and the itinerary was fantastic.  See below for a few of the pictures we took.

One of the founders, Frode, is Norwegian and a serial entrepreneur.  Before building internet companies, he was a World Champion and Nordic Champion chef at the age of 21.  After hitting the top at the cooking scene, he switched gears and invested his energies into technology.  Throughout his history as an entrepreneur, Frode has experienced great success and great failure.  His story is relatable for anyone with an audacious plan.  Laser focus yield results, though marred by failure on the journey.  It’s just reality.  Enjoy the video.