Creative Competitors – Chris Duncan

In this episode, Walt Burton interviews Chris Duncan, co-owner of Superior Custom Homes and Remodeling, at his corporate headquarters.  Superior’s primary focus and core competency is building custom homes from $400,000 up to $2 million in the Middle Tennessee market.

Despite significant headwind from the national economy and homebuilding industry in general during the Great Recession, Superior has weathered the downturn and thrived by intently focusing on and responding to the needs and demands of its customers.

During the video, we discuss how the same core principles and relentless focus on results that Superior demonstrated during the downturn also resulted in Chris achieving near legendary status while running track at the University of Florida.  Chris is the quintessential competitor, excelling at an elite level in the Steeplechase and indoor mile.  Chris was a 6 time All-American and still holds multiple school records at UF.  Chris has even run a sub-4 minute mile, breaking what some have referred to in the past as the “4 minute barrier”.

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