Creative Competitors, Recent Developments and Milestones for Thompson Burton

In this episode of Creative Competitors, we talk about signing our lease at Corporate Centre in the Cool Springs area south of Nashville, Tennessee.  We discuss some of the difficulties of getting the office up and running, including purchasing office furniture, equipment, and our gratitude to our top notch interior decorator, Kelly Spalding, for her assistance.  We hope to start hiring administrative support and new lawyers once the space is ready in a few weeks. To that end, we’ve gotten somewhat of a head start on the hiring process. We recently offered the #1 law student in his class in Michigan to assist Kevin with his practice.  Our offer is pending, so we’re anxious to hear a response. We think we can compete with any law firm, big or small, to land high quality talent.

We also discuss our recent involvement in the Zeek Rewards Ponzi Scheme case. With estimates of more than Two Million victims, the Zeek case may be one of the biggest ponzi schemes (in terms of the sheer volume of victims) in history. Because of Kevin’s extensive knowledge and visible presence in the direct sales industry, countless victims have contacted us to represent them during the claims process. To that end, we’ve established a website to assist victims with news updates and resources regarding the case.  To date, more than 20,000 victims have signed up to receive our newsletter on the subject.

Last, we discuss Kevin’s recent appearance on CNBC, where he was interviewed by top CNBC correspondent, Herb Greenberg, regarding the laws and regulations in the network marketing industry. We’re looking forward to CNBC airing the interview later this month.