Thompson Burton’s New Office Space In Cool Springs Building Accommodates Law Firm Growth

Thompson Burton PLLCWe’re very pleased to announce Thompson Burton’s move into new office space, consisting of approximately 4,200 square-feet at Seven Corporate Centre in Cool Springs.  Thompson Burton, which opened its doors in April 2012, is more than doubling its current space in the same building.  “We are adding lawyers and need more square footage to accommodate the growth,” noted Walt Burton.  Kevin Thompson added, “we’ve built our practice around utilizing technology to minimize the need for excessive office space, and we continue to encourage our attorneys to work wherever they are most productive. This space continues to foster that mindset.”

The firm’s new space can accommodate 10-12 lawyers.  With verbal commitments from 2 additional lawyers who are expected to start in January, 2014, the firm expects to start filling the new space very  quickly.  “We’re growing at a quick pace, but we’re continuing to be very selective regarding attorneys that we ask to join the firm,” noted Burton.  Thompson added, “culture is very important to us, so we focus on recruiting attorneys with the right mindset and personality as well as elite legal skills.”

“Thompson Burton is the first corporate law firm located in the Corporate Centre at Cool Springs market and we are excited to see them grow so rapidly,” said Pat Emery, president Spectrum|Emery, the developer of Corporate Centre.  “We are grateful to Pat Emery and his team for working with us to assist in a seamless transition into the new space,” Burton added.

We’re very excited that the Nashville Post recently ran a headline story regarding the firm’s move.  We expect many more headlines to come.