Thompson Burton Issues Challenge, Focuses on Law Firm Culture

TB ChallengeNashville, TN – While Thompson Burton is busy reinventing the business of law, they’re also committed to creating the best work culture possible. One of the core beliefs at Thompson Burton is simply “Better is Possible.” Consistent with that belief, they believe that a successful firm begins and ends with fully engaged teams both inside and outside the workplace.

With this idea in mind, Thompson Burton has created its “TB Challenge” program for all current team members. The Challenge gives participants the option of focusing on one personal development goal. They can choose something fun or interesting that they have always wanted to attempt, like running a marathon, dieting, learning a language, etc.

“The TB Challenge is the most exciting effort we’ve ever implemented at the office,” states Kevin Thompson, founding partner. “It gives us a way to use our business to provide lifelong experiences for people who might not have the ability to pursue those opportunities. It’s going to be fun!”

The “TB Challenge” will consist of a challenge committee to lead the effort. The participants will have 90 days to to achieve their objectives. Successful participants will be awarded cash bonuses that can only be spent towards a remarkable experience, defined as something they would never do on their own. If readers would like to follow along on their journey, their blog posts can be found on the Thompson Burton webpage at

Walt Burton stated, “We have a suspicion that people pursuing aggressive goals outside of the office will be more effective and fulfilled at the firm. We’re constantly looking for ways to reinvest in our most important asset—our team. This is a fun and creative way to do so.”

In a day where office cultures can be toxic environments, Thompson Burton is committed to exploring ways to support its team and foster its vibrant culture. For more information, please contact Thompson Burton, PLLC at 615-465-6000, or visit the Thompson Burton website at Thompson Burton, PLLC is located at One Franklin Park, 6100 Tower Circle, STE 200, Franklin, TN. 37067