TB Challenge Update

As we discussed in a prior blog post, our first round of TB Challenge participants are over halfway through their 90-day challenges! See below for their updates and stories, and stay tuned for their final check-in at the end of their challenges.

Jennifer Lankford’s TB Challenge: compete in a Mud Run 5k and a 10k before September 28th.

Update from Jennifer:

My new favorite time of day – the 15 minutes after I’ve finished running. When I can breathe enough to appreciate that my efforts! With a little less than three weeks to go before my challenge is complete, I am feeling more dedicated than ever.  As a recap, my challenge was to run a 5K and thereafter, a 10K, within the 90-day challenge period.

Part I – the 5K – was completed on September 5th.  The eternal optimist (or perhaps influenced by naivety), I opted for a 5K mud run – 3.1 mile run with 18 obstacles, including log walks, over-unders, tunnel crawls, tire jumps, and climbing the world’s (I may be biased) tallest netting.  After running through fields, crawling through mud, and jumping over rocks, I successfully crossed the finish line! It felt incredible! In addition to being proud of my own accomplishment, bruises and all, I was incredibly touched by my fellow runners, each one more supportive than the last. When my weeny arms made it difficult to crawl up an embankment, there was always someone there to assist.  I may have been the only runner in the TB challenge, but I was definitely surrounded by a number of amazing people – all completely a personal accomplishment or having a great time.
Next up – the 10K!  More to come . . .

Ronn Steen’s TB Challenge: discontinues all tobacco use until October 12th.

Update from Ronn:

It’s been a very tough struggle.  Nicotine gum is not enjoyable, and doesn’t seem to be effective at curbing cravings. The “cold turkey” method did not work so I weaned myself off.  I haven’t enjoyed this one bit, but I’m very glad that I’m doing it. I am on target.

Phillip Young’s TB Challenge: pass an online proficiency test in Mandarin Chinese by October 12th.

Update from Phillip:

So, I underestimated the difficulty of trying to learn Chinese while maintaining a busy law practice, being a father to two very active boys, serving on several non-profit boards, and maintaining some semblance of a life.  I would estimate that, while I am 50% through with the time given to complete the TB Challenge, I am only 20% of the way to my goal.  At this juncture, I can read, understand and speak 20-25 Chinese words and I think I need to know about 100 words in order to complete my goal.  I must commit to setting aside much more time over the next month than I have during the last month.

J.K. Simms’s TB Challenge: (1) obtaining scuba certification and (2) compete in a Spartan Race by October 24th.

Update from J.K.:

With the Spartan Race training, I am training 3-5 days per week, doing trail running 1-2 days a week and intense training in the gym 3 days a week.  I am pretty much sore head to toe all the time, but enjoying it.  I pretty much dream of burpees and kettle bell swings almost every night. The race is October 24.

The scuba certification is 85% complete–I have passed the majority of the components required for certification, and only have a few remaining tasks before I am certified.

Thompson Burton is very proud of its first round of TB Challenge participants and their commitment to accomplish goals outside of work while maintaining busy law practices and committing time to their families and other endeavors. Check back later this fall for more photos and a final wrap up regarding these four challenges!