Meet Jennifer Lankford, Thompson Burton’s Newest Partner

This week, Thompson Burton PLLC has named Jennifer Lankford a partner in the firm.

“Jennifer has certainly earned this distinction, and we could not be more proud of her work,” said co-founder Walt Burton. “She meets and exceeds all the standards required to be a partner here at Thompson Burton.”

Lankford is the firm’s first associate to be selected for partnership. She joined the firm in 2014 and concentrates on employment law. She was recently named to the Tennessee Board of Appeals by Gov. Bill Haslam.

Kevin Thompson said the following of Lankford: “She’s a great person to be around at the office.  She excels at the soft skills of working with people and her performance metrics have been increasing steadily ever since she started with us.”

Here’s a little more about our newest partner and what makes her a vital part of Thompson Burton’s team.

Why did you choose Thompson Burton?

Thompson Burton provided me with an opportunity to tailor my practice. I knew that I wanted to practice employment law exclusively and, here, I can focus on the work that I find most interesting and rewarding.  Also, the firm places an emphasis on flexibility and results. I get the freedom to “lean in” not only to my practice area, but also in my personal interests, whether pro bono work or community involvement. Also, the firm’s pay structure is fair and transparent, which are things I really appreciate.  Many young professionals have a fear of striking out on their own and developing business. Thompson Burton made that transition easy for me.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I love, love, love to read. You’ll probably find me perusing the shelves of Parnassus Books in my free time. I also love every minute that I spend with my husband and our two miniature Schnauzers, who take us out for long walks as often as possible.