Reflections on 2017 and Plans for 2018

2017 was a banner year for Thompson Burton. And 2018 holds great promise.

As a founding partner, I’m proud of our team’s professional achievements, whether making the Best Lawyer’s list or providing quality client service.

I’m equally proud of our team’s commitment to family and their pursuit of individual passions outside of work hours. Walt and I believe Thompson Burton’s focus on balance and other core values is a competitive advantage when recruiting and retaining the best lawyers and staff.

I hope 2017 was great for you and that 2018 is even better.

We asked our team to share what they remember most about 2017 and what they are looking forward to in 2018. Here are their thoughts.

What will you remember most about 2017?

“Spending a little time with two very special little great nieces; the memorable and incredibly fun wedding of my niece, Elizabeth; and getting NUMEROUS big deals closed – What a year!”

“Walt and I added a precious baby girl, Libby, to our family in September 2017, which is definitely the most memorable event from this year.”

“Traveling with my husband and grandson to The Netherlands for our former exchange student’s wedding!!! What a treasure to have been a part of this Dutchman’s life, and what an amazing impact he has had on the lives of our family members. He was a son to us in our home. He is a son to us in our hearts forever, and now his children and our grandson have met and become friends. Love is truly the international language!”

“We had a very special family vacation with our three kids and my parents in Rosemary Beach the week of July 4th.”

“I will remember my daughter’s senior year in high school, and I will also remember an amazing trip to Italy that I took with my husband in July.”

“Having our first child.”

“The warm welcome everyone gave me when I working here when I started in November.”

“Being named a partner at Thompson Burton. I am honored and proud to work with this amazing group of attorneys and staff.”

“I remember the joy and surprise on Jennifer Lankford’s face when we made her a Partner at the firm. She’s the first associate we’ve had at the firm that has risen in the ranks and achieved Partner status. It was great to see her attitude, hard work and patience pay off.”

What are you looking forward to in 2018

“I am looking forward to visiting colleges with my soon-to-be high school junior.”

“Absolutely everything. A new year means a new start – everything is fresh again and all things are possible.”

“I’m looking forward to continuing to grow Thompson Burton, getting to know all of our colleagues better, and spending time with our family. I’m looking forward to traveling more this year with the kids and spending time at our farm with family and friends.”

“I am looking forward to raising my children, helping my clients and spending quality time with my family and friends!”

“Getting to know my new Thompson Burton Family.”

“Starting a new book series! I love, love, love a good long book series and 2018’s selection is Outlander.”

“I’m looking forward to growth. We’re going to be making investments in additional office space, expanding our footprint into Nashville.”

“I think the Thompson Burton employment law team is poised for a big year. Looking forward to great results for our current and prospective clients.”