Metro Codes Director, Deputy Director to Join Thompson Burton

Top two officials at the Metro Codes Department are leaving to join a new land use practice at Thompson Burton law firm.

According to the Nashville Business Journal, in early June, the department’s director, Bill Herbert, and deputy director, Emily Lamb, will officially become partners at the firm, the pair told Nashville Business Journal in an exclusive interview. The move marks the latest recruitments for local attorney Jon Michael, who started Thompson Burton’s land use division last summer and also recently hired attorney Margaret Martin, who was once chief development officer for the Metro Nashville Airport Authority.

The article continues to state, [Mayor Cooper] praised Herbert and Lamb for their work with Metro: “I am deeply appreciative of their dedication to Nashville, and look forward to continuing our work streamlining and updating the essential city services provided by our Codes team.”

As someone who left Metro development services for a private sector job, attorney Jon Michael knows that ultimately, the switch means permission to choose which battles to take on. Divisions like Metro Codes and Metro Planning are responsible for overseeing every request that comes across their desk. Thompson Burton, however, can filter its clients. “I look forward to trying to assist one project, one person, and try to move it from beginning through completion, as opposed to on a daily basis being pulled in 150 different directions,” Herbert said. Lamb said she enjoys “managing chaos” and helping people solve problems. In her new role, however, she’ll likely be doing less of the former and more of the latter. “And you know, getting to do it alongside very close friends is just icing on the cake,” she said.

Source: Nashville Business Journal. May 10, 2022. “Exclusive: Metro Codes director, deputy director to leave department for Thompson Burton law firm.”