Phone Debt Collection Scam

Hot News! Thompson Burton raises awareness of a new phone debt collection scam. In the past week our law firm has received a numerous amount of phone calls from “debt collection scam” victims who notified us that they were harassed by a debt collector calling them on the behalf of our law firm or “Thompson Law firm in Franklin TN.” Victims of this fraud were called from (615) 567-4250 and were demanded to wire the money to the debt collection agency Ace Cash Express.  Feel free to call the number for a good laugh;)  Though Ace Cash Express is a legit company, we still believe the scam artist is using their company name to scam innocent people and they’re most likely using a VOIP system, which allows a person to make a phone call from outside of the United States using a 615 area code. We have contacted the FBI to […]

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