Thompson Burton Challenge: Round II

Part of Thompson Burton’s commitment to redefining the art of law also includes redefining work culture at law firms. As described more fully here, the Thompson Burton Challenge is a 90 day challenge where participants have 90 days to achieve their objectives–a personal development goal that must be attainable, but challenging. If participants achieve their goal, they will be awarded cash bonuses that can only be spent on an experience that they would never do otherwise. TB Challenge’s first round of participants finished up their challenges in November, and their stories can be found here. TB Challenge’s second round of participants began their challenges in January 2016. Jackie Dusek’s TB Challenge: study for and pass a high school mid-term test in advanced German language skills in 90 days. Final Update from Jackie: The purpose of my TB Challenge was to finish something for myself.  It’s not a concept with which […]

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