Creative Competitors – Dave Delaney

In this interview, Kevin Thompson interviews Dave Delaney, a digital marketing, business networking and social media strategist. Dave co-founded PodCamp and BarCamp in Nashville, two “un-conferences,” which focus on technology, networking and building a community where people can connect and engage on all things technology related.  Dave was recently named as one of the top 40 leaders in technology in the Nashville community.   Dave shares valuable insights to assist businesses with building their brand online, specifically highlighting the tools and metrics that businesses should track while managing their web presence. We covered the following topics with Dave: Analytic tools Recommendations for blogs to follow The wisdom in paying for improved organic search rankings Facebook vs. Google+ Search vs. Social The value for professionals to focus on social WordPress plugins to help with SEO Factors that drew Dave to technology at an early age. We hope you enjoy!  If you love […]

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