Back to Basics: A Rundown of Tennessee’s Eviction Process

Recently, I’ve had a flood of questions from clients asking how to evict problem tenants. This post describes how to evict a tenant or other occupant of commercial real estate. The first step in dealing with an eviction is determining whether there is an agreement in place that governs occupancy of the property.  Typically, the lease or other agreement between the parties will outline any notice that may be required and other conditions precedent that must be satisfied prior to exercising remedies. Fortunately, in addition to the applicable provisions of a lease, if any, the Tennessee Legislature has provided us with a statutory scheme “to provide a streamlined summary procedure to determine the rights to possession of land.” 94th Aero Squadron of Memphis, Inc. v. Memphis-Shelby County Airport Auth., 169 S.W.3d 627, 637 (Tenn. Ct. App. 2004); see Tenn. Code. Ann. §§ 29-18-101 through 29-18-.134.  To begin eviction proceedings, one […]

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