Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Tax and Exemptions (Tenn. Code Ann. § 67-4-409)

The Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Tax is codified at Tennessee Code Annotated § 67-4-409.  TCA 67-4-409(a) requires that “all transfers of realty, whether by deed, court deed, decree, partition deed, or other instrument evidencing transfer of any interest in real estate” are subject, upon recordation, to a tax of $0.37 per $100.00 (the “Transfer Tax”) calculated based on the greater of “the consideration for the transfer;” or “the value of the property” (“Transfer Tax Formula”).  The Transfer Tax is paid in consideration of the privilege of recordation and applies to both residential and commercial transactions. As in most states, there are several exemptions from the requirement to pay the Transfer Tax, including transfer of a leasehold estate, creation or dissolution of a tenancy by the entirety, deeds of division in kind of realty formerly held by tenants in common, release of a life estate to the beneficiaries of the remainder […]

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