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Walt is an extremely knowledgeable attorney who can provide excellent advice on complicated real estate transactions ranging from leases to sales to tenant disputes.  He understands the business needs of the large institutional owner to the small entrepreneur.   He works well with opposing counsels of all personality types.  Walt is sensitive to time pressures and will quickly (and accurately) finish tasks before tight deadlines.

Jesse Harty,
Asset Manager

Clarion Partners

“I worked with Walt for several years at Troutman Sanders LLP, and he was always considered the “Golden Child” as he was the favorite real estate attorney amongst the lawyers at the firm. Walt earned this status due to his great personality and his exceptional ability to get deals done effectively, efficiently, and on time. He has a unique ability to cut through all of the legal white noise and get to the heart of a matter. Walt is a business man, so he understands the business issues and doesn’t waste time and money on insignificant matters. I’m now General Counsel at a large, privately owned company, and I call Walt whenever I’m unsure of something because I know he’ll know the answer, or be able to get to the bottom of a question quickly as he’s very resourceful and intelligent. Walt is an excellent attorney, and I recommend him wholeheartedly. Clients now have the benefit of hiring an exceptional large firm attorney in a more personalized small firm setting, at a much lower cost. He’s a great bargain and you will quickly realize that you want him on your side both as an attorney and a friend!”

Shannon S. Ghosh
General Counsel and Vice President

Kauffman Tire, Inc.

In real estate development, it’s not a matter of if complex legal situations will occur, it’s when. And when they do, we only turn to Thompson Burton.  With substantial capital at risk, strategy, thoroughness, and timeliness are just a few of the elements that have to be flawless in execution.  Time and time again, Thompson Burton delivers, exceeds expectations, and is a chief partner in our company’s continued growth and success.

Ryan Meadows

Pantheon Development


“I have worked with Walt for the past two years on many successful CRE workouts. We recently worked together closing a new CRE loan that had many complexities, including a large out of state industrial building, a long term land lease, a tenant that was a joint venture of two large out of state companies and it involved a number of environmental and title/survey issues. We were challenged to close the loan within 3 weeks of credit approval. I organized a conference call with our borrower and their counsel and Walt walked everyone through a checklist and discussed each parties responsibility. He even assisted me by working directly with the title company and our borrower to assist them in obtaining critical documentation. In the end, Walt’s willingness to take ownership of the transaction and meet the closing date resulted in a very satisfied customer for the bank. Walt is prompt, thorough, knowledgeable, experienced and always checks back to make sure we are satisfied, and I look forward to engaging him on many more lending opportunities.”

Rodney Walker
Director of Correspondent Banking

Midland States Bank


“In 2011 I hired Walt to handle a workout for me and i was 100% satisfied with the outcome. I don’t feel anyone could have done a better job then Walt. Based on his excellent performance, I recently hired Walt to negotiate a significant acquisition for my company, and it ended up being one of the most successful acquisitions in our company’s 17 year history. It is fun and exciting working with Walt to discuss strategies and negotiate deals. Walt is a great partner for my business. We have more deals working.”

Mike Friday

Diltina Development Corporation


“I have worked with Walt for the past five years. Walt has become our difference maker in obtaining resolutions that work. He has the expertise and the sense of urgency required to make a difference. Over the past five years Walt has earned the respect of my team and several of my peers in the Industry and no matter what type of work out I encounter, Walt is always my first call.”

Richard Kantor
Director of Special Assets

Midland States Bank


“I have worked with a lot of Attorneys in my 30 years in business, but I’ve never encountered another attorney that I thought was as thorough and detailed as Walt. His negotiating skills are excellent and other attorneys are now asking me for Walt’s number so that he can assist them with their own legal matters. I would strongly trust Walt to handle matters for me in the future. My experience with Walt was excellent.”

Mike Friday

Woodland Homes of Huntsville, Inc.


“Doing real estate in Miami for many years, I’ve come to know alot of attorneys, and I have the experience to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones.  Recently, we entered into a real estate transaction in the Atlanta market without having any local contacts.  We feel extremely fortunate to have met Walt Burton.  We were faced with a very short diligence timeline and closing schedule, and Walt never missed a beat. He guided us through the entire process.  Great guy, great character and great detail-oriented attorney.”

Jacob Shakib

Ninety-Nine Investments LLC

“Walt, I want to thank you for the excellent job that you have done for our company over the years and for making my first business transaction with you an exceptional experience! Truly, your professionalism, efficiency, and knowledge of the law combined with your diligence was over the top. I have worked with numerous attorneys across the country and by far the entire process with you, from start to finish was outstanding. I have continued to praise you here at the office and would highly recommend your services to other business associates. I will absolutely continue to engage you to represent us on all of our business transactions requiring legal services where you are licensed, I just wish that was everywhere we do business!

Thanks again for everything!”

Helen Hutto
Vice President
Mortgage Servicing

AMC Financial Holdings, Inc.