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Family law is a complex and emotional legal practice area. However, our team has the experience to navigate you through the intricacies of family legal matters, such as divorce, Tennessee child support laws, adoption requirements and child custody. At Thompson Burton, our family law attorneys are your advocates and will represent you as you restructure your new family life.


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If you are going through the process of divorce in Tennessee, whether it is contested or uncontested, our divorce attorneys are available to support you now and in the long-run. We understand that divorce is challenging for everyone involved and will guide you through the mediation and litigation process and assist with any modifications needed after your divorce is finalized.  

Child Support

Tennessee child support laws require both parents to support their children financially. For parents that don’t have legal custody of their children, this involves paying child support until the child turns 18. Our child support attorneys explain all Tennessee Child Support Guidelines, including the financial amount that must be provided. We are also fully-equipped to represent any client who is not receiving adequate child support in the courtroom.

Child Custody

Whether your household is excellent at co-parenting or you need legal assistance to resolve a dispute, our child custody lawyers will provide your family with the legal counsel you need. We are experts in managing child custody arrangements and fully dedicate ourselves to each case. From obtaining full custody to creating an appropriate joint custody plan to altering an existing agreement, Thompon Burton’s family lawyers are here to guide you.

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Are you experiencing familial difficulties and need legal assistance? Don’t hesitate to contact our family law attorneys at Thompson Burton. We proudly serve families throughout Middle Tennessee with respect and integrity.

Children & Divorce: 6 Ways To Minimize The Impact

The ugly truth is that far more couples these days are getting divorced than ever before. The divorce rate is high for young couples as well as older couples. Divorce is never an easy process and can be emotionally exhausting for both parties. Children: The Collateral Damage Of Divorce Children of divorcing parties, whether young or old, often suffer the emotional fallout of divorce. Mom and dad get so caught up in the division of marital property, finances, alimony, and child support that that they don’t realize how their children are physically and emotionally handling the divorce. Always keep in mind that what is best for your children should always come first. Their ability to adjust to the whole divorce process may take longer than you expect. It is not uncommon for children to carry a false sense of hope that their parents will reconcile at some point. This makes […]

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Congratulations To Vince Wyatt!

The lawyers and staff of Hollins Raybin and Weissman want to take this opportunity to congratulate Vince Wyatt on his decision to join the Metropolitan Nashville District Attorney office. After his many years with the firm, Vince decided this was a good time to make a change in his career path. He has been a staunch and zealous advocate for his clients, and proven to be an outstanding attorney and friend. While he will be missed greatly, we wish Vince the best on this exciting move.

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Surviving Divorce: Who Can You Trust During the Process?

Surviving divorce can be a difficult process and it helps to have a solid network of support to assist you along the way. However, it’s rarely helpful to seek advice and counsel from everyone you encounter. Although it might seem helpful at first, it can be extremely detrimental to you and your family to have multiple people weighing in with their opinions and advice on such an important decision. Surviving Divorce: Where to Get Support So, whom should you trust? Here are some key considerations about who you should turn to survive the difficult process of divorce: 1. Be careful around recently divorced people. Myth: Every recently divorced person is an expert on the subject. Another myth: Recently divorced people will tell you everything you need to hear. In reality: Rarely will he or she tell you what you need to hear. 2. Be cautious with well-meaning family and friends. […]

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Surviving Divorce: How to Emotionally Prepare for Divorce

Regrettably, far too many marriages end in divorce. In fact, 2.4 million Americans got divorced in 2012. And, that number has increased for the third year in a row. In our society, divorce is an ever-present reality to every couple that decides to marry. Therefore, if you are ever faced with this decision to get divorced, you must mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for the difficulties that lie ahead. Every divorce case is unique because each person involved in a divorce is unique. No one is ever fully prepared for all the issues that accompany a divorce. I know. I have been divorced myself. I have also been a family law attorney for almost 27 years and have represented hundreds of people going through this difficult process. Therefore, I know first-hand that every client, family member and friend must be fully prepared to embrace the process. Emotional Preparation for the Divorce […]

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Electronic Medical Records Seeing An Increase In Use, As Well As In Malpractice Lawsuit Risks

Due to a recent concern, healthcare organizations have begun a new series of research and inquiries driven by the legal liability fears attached to electronic health records (EHRs). An EHR carries the possibility of being admissible in court due to its legal representation nature by storing the medical condition and treatment of any given person, at any given time. Furthermore, EHRs revolutionize cluttered filing rooms by retaining all the patient information, in addition to changing how medical professionals document patient meetings and to what extent. However, some fear the records can be too revealing. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act: privacy and security rules, requires all handlers of electronic healthcare data to keep an audit log of access to any personally identifiable information. Consequently, healthcare organizations have used the records to catch unauthorized employees looking at patient records, and therefore occasionally causing the corporations themselves to be liable. While […]

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