Did your Insurance agents do all they could to get you flood insurance before the Nashville flood?

LEGAL FACTS ABOUT THE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE FLOOD OF 2010 Now that the flood waters are receding, we as Tennesseans have to start dealing with the aftermath of the greatest natural disaster to ever hit Middle Tennessee. As we assess the damage, we are encountering problems from places we never even considered- our insurance companies. Many Tennesseans, being forced to confront dramatic life-altering events, are trying to pick up the pieces. Unfortunately, a large number of people are contacting their insurance companies, only to find they are not covered for water damage caused by the storm. A great many homeowners wrongly thought they were protected, only to find their insurance agent neglected to sell them the proper and necessary insurance. What are you going to do if you are not covered from water damage? Did your insurance agent fail to tell you about flood insurance? Did he or she explain the […]

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