Tips For Handling An Insurance Claim

Being rear ended during the early morning rush hour or straining your back while on the work site, accidents happen. Knowledge is one of the most important tools you can have when misfortune strikes. Most people would agree that the most difficult and confusing aspect of being injured or involved in an accident is managing the insurance claim. The adverse nature of an accident alone can be more than some can handle, therefore even a basic understanding of how the insurance system functions can prove to be significant in settling your claim.

The Friendly Insurance Claims Adjuster

As the representative of the insurance company, the claims adjuster is the person who makes the decisions that ultimately decide how much the insurance company gains or loses. Therefore, it should be no surprise that they are well trained to ensure the insurance companies receive the maximum benefits while providing you with the minimum. One of these methods is by conducting a “friendly” phone call to gather information about your claim. The adjuster may use this information to make suggestions they are not qualified to make, such as medical treatment decisions. A person who has been injured in an accident should only base their choice of medical treatment on the opinion of their doctor to ensure they receive the appropriate and warranted care.

Moreover, it should also be known that any statement or prior medical condition may be used by the adjuster to your disadvantage. As a part of their investigation, an adjuster will often phone you and maintain that you answer questions pertaining to your claim, such as the facts of the incident, the degree you were injured, and information about any past claims you might have made. It is not uncommon for the adjuster to fail to inform you that any answers you provide may be used in a manner that decreases your claims worth. Likewise, the discovery of previous injuries or pain may also be used to diminish, if not eliminate altogether, the value of your claim.

Three Important Issues With Your Claim

Further, there are three issues adjusters will examine when investigating any medical treatment you receive for your injury, and the presence of such can be used to reduce your claim’s overall worth. The issues that would prove most detrimental to your claim are failure to treat immediately, inconsistency of treatment history, and gaps in treatment. Understand that the insurance company will analyze every medical decision you make or don’t make in regard to your injury, thereby making manner of treatment a significant aspect of your claim.

Consider All Of Your Options

In addition, it is crucial to evaluate your claim fully and consider all your options. As with most things in life, the quick and easy way is not always the best way. Always consider how an accident could affect you in the long term, as well as the short term. Factors such as losing one’s job because of a settlement, one’s employer going out of business or being sold, and the duration/type of medical coverage for your injury are important issues to consider.
While the advice provided above is not intended to be rigorously followed as an inflexible standard, it nonetheless shows the significance and value of understanding the insurance claims system and being prepared. By taking measures to be confident and ready in the event of an accident it becomes more likely that you will receive the relief you deserve. So the next time an accident occurs will you be ready?

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Posted By: Eston Whiteside

David Raybin Representing Prison Inmate Believed to Have Been Killed by Prison Guards

Nashville CBS Affiliate Channel 5 recently reported on the ongoing investigation into the death of Charles Toll, a prison inmate at Nashville Tennessee’s Riverbend Maximum Security Institution. Prison officials had previously reported that the 33 year old Toll had died of natural causes, but the State Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide. The inmate was believed to have died from “suffocation” and “asphyxia during physical restraint.”

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Did your Insurance agents do all they could to get you flood insurance before the Nashville flood?

Now that the flood waters are receding, we as Tennesseans have to start dealing with the aftermath of the greatest natural disaster to ever hit Middle Tennessee. As we assess the damage, we are encountering problems from places we never even considered- our insurance companies.
Many Tennesseans, being forced to confront dramatic life-altering events, are trying to pick up the pieces. Unfortunately, a large number of people are contacting their insurance companies, only to find they are not covered for water damage caused by the storm. A great many homeowners wrongly thought they were protected, only to find their insurance agent neglected to sell them the proper and necessary insurance.
What are you going to do if you are not covered from water damage? Did your insurance agent fail to tell you about flood insurance? Did he or she explain the difference between damage from flood waters and damage from surface water? Did he or she tell you that you could have been protected from the storm? If he did not, and you are damaged as a result, you may have recourse in court.

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