Nashville Local Counsel

The business litigation lawyers at Thomspon Burton PLLC regularly assist out-of-state attorneys, companies and individuals involved in litigation in the Nashville area and throughout the state. The firm has been called on by attorneys across the country to serve as local counsel. The lawyers at Thompson Burton are familiar with the local courts and judges and have succeeded in courtrooms throughout the state of Tennessee.

The Thompson Burton business litigation team handles a wide variety of business-related disputes from complex commercial litigation to construction litigation, professional liability defense to contract disputes, and entertainment litigation to employment litigation. Their practice includes handling trials and appeals in state and federal court, in addition to alternative dispute resolution forums, such as mediation and arbitration. The firm has represented clients in a wide range of litigation matters, including:

  • Contract Disputes & Business Litigation
  • Disputes among Business Owners
  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM)/Direct Sales Litigation
  • Trade Secret & Non-Compete Disputes
  • Franchising & Distributorship Litigation
  • Employer/Employee Disputes
  • Employment Discrimination Litigation
  • Financial Services Litigation
  • Collection Actions & Bankruptcy Litigation
  • Real Estate & Construction Litigation
  • Professional Liability Defense
  • Insurance Litigation & Coverage Disputes

Should you require counsel for a local matter or need to commence or defend litigation in Tennessee, please contact us to learn more about our firm.