Is the DOJ Showing Its Hand?

The FTC is at it again in its enforcement against direct sales, but this time the Department of Justice (DOJ) stepped in on behalf of the United States to receive a “permanent injunction, civil penalties, and other relief” against 3 doTerra International distributors who publicly marketed the idea that certain doTerra essential oil products would […]

The Regulatory Hurdle That Is Politics

In the legal world, there’s always an angle. It’s our job as attorneys to assist clients in exploring this angle to bridge the gap between the regulatory hurdles–that seem to continue to change–and the long-term business vision that entrepreneurs have for their ventures. EVERYTHING these days is political, especially when it comes to the niche […]

The Gospel That Isn’t, An Attorney’s Initial Thoughts

“The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.” – Justice Louis Brandeis, dissenting in Olmstead v. United States (1928) When I say the gospel that isn’t, I am referring to the idea that continues to become ever more commonplace in the national discussion. The idea […]

Don’t Turn Mailboxes into Baseballs. Keeping it Between the Lines when providing financial education

This article was prepared by Thompson Burton Summer Associate, Brooks Brasfield.  He was asked to help clarify the line between financial advice (bad) versus financial education (good). ————- “Don’t turn mailboxes into baseballs… most thoughts deserve two or three more…everything will be fine…long as you stay off the hard stuff and keep between the lines.” […]

You Can’t Regulate Human Nature

The human mind is miraculous. The capacity for what we can achieve is without limits. Despite our great gifts, there’s one thing that will likely never change: our primal nature to seek immediate pleasure over pain. This results in us being stuck on the Hedonic treadmill, mostly contrary to our own best interests. Stated another […]

The Way Out Is In

The nature of this industry is complex. When I entered this field, I knew very little about the people who operated within it, the laws and regulations that encompassed it, or frankly what exactly it meant to fall under the descriptive phrase of “direct sales,” network marketing,” “multi-level marketing,” etc. Those on the outside may […]