Invest in Yourself: AMG Capital Alone Will Not Save You

When the Supreme Court ruled unanimously against the FTC in AMG Capital back in April of this year, many flagged this decision as a watershed moment in FTC enforcement. But this is the law we are talking about, and nothing is ever black and white. If it were, there would be fewer lawyers and that […]

Multi-Level Marketing: Life After AMG Capital and the Hope for a Better Future Part 2

In Part 1, we presented our belief that there is soon to be a shifting tide of regulatory attitude from empowering the consumer to now empowering the government. Such empowerment has morphed into the idea that consumers are now unable to protect themselves due to the constant barrage of information, e.g., misleading/deceptive income claims, no […]

The Changing Regulatory Landscape: A New Generation Takes Control Part 1

We have discussed in many of our previous articles the ever-changing regulatory strategy of federal agencies and the virtual impossibility of reading regulator’s minds, especially the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), but we have never truly dove into the minutiae of what may be causing this constant shifting of the goal posts. Is it really a […]