FTC Gets a Dose Of Its Own Medicine: Required to account for years of enforcement history

The FTC’s ability to regulate consumer markets is largely created and limited by Section 5 of the FTC Act. The FTC’s power comes from US, you and I legislatively, by way of our chosen representatives. There’s a specific provision in the Act that pertains to the sorts of remedies the FTC can obtain in its […]

Network Marketing and COVID: Where are the boundaries?

TLDR; There is zero gray here. THE FIELD CANNOT COMMINGLE ANY CONTENT WITH COVID. Companies need to increase their efforts to police content referencing COVID; educate the field to avoid referencing COVID; leverage every online tool available to blast the message as far and wide as possible i.e. email newsletters, splash disclaimers on the homepage, […]

FTC Experts Do a Study on Risk-Taking, Preload Study Outcomes

“As a general rule, whenever your intuition conflicts with that of an economist, bet on your intuition. Economists are reverse indicators: they are ~always wrong.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb. In case you were wondering, I’m not an academic. I do not pretend to speak the same language. On occasion, I really try to force myself […]

Monthly Volume Requirements: It’s time to reconsider this concept

“Never take advice from anyone in a tie. They’ll bankrupt you. It’s very difficult to argue with salaried people that the simple can be important and the important can be simple.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of the Incerto. Lawyers in our industry have a knack for making the simple complicated, repeating the same tired […]

Discussion with Neora co-CEO Deborah Heisz Regarding FTC Litigation

Deborah Heisz and I had a casual chat about Neora’s recent challenges with the FTC. We discussed the genesis of the FTC investigation, a few details of the settlement negotiations, the FTC’s view of the network marketing model, Neora’s financial ability to continue with litigation, and a lot of other things. Heisz’s transparency about the […]