Lessons in Missing the Point – The MLM Industry is Now Expressly Targeted by the FTC For Deceptive Income and Product Claims

In October 2020, FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra and Samuel Levine, (now) Acting Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, authored an article in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review entitled, The Case for Resurrecting the FTC Act’s Penalty Offense Authority (hereinafter The Case for Resurrecting). It seems that the article escaped the attention of the […]

Federal Cooling Off Rule

The Thermonuclear, Scorched-Earth, Mother-Of-All Best Practices Series By Kevin Grimes Virtually everyone has heard something about some mysterious state or federal law or regulation that provides some buyers under certain circumstances the ability to cancel some types of purchases or contracts within three days. But . . . most folks are rather hazy on the […]