Income Claims: Once a Challenge, Always a Challenge

Income and/or earnings claims have been a recurring topic of conversation on this blog for the last seven years. Time and time again we’ve addressed the regulatory risk of income claims that go unmonitored. Why? Because income claims represent one of the most consistent challenges faced by every single company in the direct selling industry. […]

The FTC Accuses Another Network Marketing Company of Operating as a Pyramid Scheme

The Federal Trade Commission continued its recent flurry of activity against network marketing companies with the public announcement of a lawsuit against company Success by Health. This marks the third action against an MLM in the last four months (the Advocare settlement in October of ’19 and the ongoing Nerium/Neora lawsuit filed in November of […]

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: Nerium Enters the Ring Against the FTC

This post is Part 1 of a two-part series on Nerium’s push-back against the FTC’s pervasive (and shifting) authority over how it defines pyramid schemes. In an unprecedented move the likes of which has never before been seen in the history of the network marketing industry, the FTC and Nerium filed competing lawsuits against one […]

Initial Impressions from the FTC’s settlement with Advocare

Confirming longstanding suspicions held by many since the company publicly announced back in May of 2019 plans to disband its network marketing distribution model, the Federal Trade Commission formally announced an enforcement action and settlement order(s) today with MLM company Advocare. Beyond a $150 million monetary judgment and the company’s permanent exit from the direct […]

Cybersecurity Basics For Anyone

According to a recent survey of US CEOs, cybersecurity represents the biggest external concern for 2019.  If organizations know cybersecurity is an issue, then why is there such a struggle to combat this universal problem? In my opinion, the answer lies within the following Tony Robbins quote, “Complexity is the enemy of execution”. Organizations view […]