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MonaVie vs. XOWii, et al lawsuit

Legitimate MLM or Pyramid Scheme: How can you tell?

Distinguishing a good network marketing company from a bad one involves more art than science. It’s hard to tell a difference and there’s never a sure answer. I prepared this article to be informative for network marketing executives to help them run their businesses and to help consumers make wise choices during these tough economic times.

Audio interviews

Interview with Troy Dooly and Jim Gillhouse on the Aces Radio Live program. We discussed legal issues faced by distributors.

Interview with Len Clements about various laws affecting the industry.

Interview with industry insider, Warren Wojnowski.

Personally, I prefer to download recordings and play them on iTunes. Right click the links and click “Save link as…” to save it. Enjoy.

The Boogie Man and the FTC: a network marketing company’s nightmare

Network marketing executives need to be mindful of how regulators go about selecting their targets.

Pyramid Schemes: Saving the network marketing industry by defining the gray

The law is a mess in the network marketing industry. It’s confusing, convoluted and inconsistent across the country. As the FTC has said, there’s a gray area between legitimate companies and pyramid schemes. With this comprehensive ebook, I explain both sides of the argument and give a detailed analysis of the legal landscape affecting the industry. Defining the gray in the law is important to the preservation of the integrity of the industry.

<a href=""Oprah's Production Company Sues MonaVie

Oprah’s production company, Harpo productions, filed a lawsuit against more than 50 companies alleging those companies had used their names and images to sell beauty products and dietary supplements containing acai and resveratrol without permission.

MLM and Pyramid Laws in the United States

Click the link above to read a collection of all state laws pertaining to the network marketing industry.

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