Professional Development

At Thompson Burton, we invest considerable resources towards your success. At every level of practice, we support both professional development and risk-taking.We understand that we’re only as good as our team allows. Because of this outlook, we invest heavily into our culture and work environment. We understand that careers are long and goals may vary; whether you have a lifelong career with us or pursue one of the many opportunities available to you, it’s our goal to ensure you become so skilled at your craft that we’re forced to compete to keep you.

Being successful in today’s legal market requires more than just knowledge of the issues. It requires charisma, impeccable communication skills, leadership and passion. On day one, whether you’re a partner level attorney or a summer clerk, we educate you about the business you’ve chosen.

We make the following investments into our team:

    • Business of Law Education―It’s important to understand the economics of this business. During orientation with us, we cover the business of law with both senior level partners and our associates. Business is about assessing risk and exploiting opportunities. We help train you to navigate the process.
    • Technology―We give everyone full access to the most advanced technology systems available to increase efficiencies, increase mobility, maximize the RoE (return on energy) and minimize frustrations.
    • TB Challenge―Twice annually, we offer everyone in the office the ability to qualify for a cash reward earmarked for a specific, personal experience. We call this the Thompson Burton Challenge. Hit an aggressive, non-work related goal, qualify for the reward. It’s a fun way to encourage people to push themselves both in and outside the office.
    • Book Reviews―The entire office gets together for breakfast once per month to discuss an excerpt from whatever book we’re reading. The subjects vary and the discussions lead to great insights from everyone. It’s a great way to learn new ideas and get to know the team on a much deeper level.
    • Social―What good is money without a little fun? The firm prides itself in hosting events for the entire office, including spouses and partners. Whether we organize a climbing expedition at SOAR, reserve a room at Top Golf or lock down a part of the stadium at a Sounds baseball game, the firm knows how to have fun. Unlike most events at other firms, these events don’t suck. We try to offer all sorts of opportunities each month with the main goal of just enjoying ourselves.
    • Continuing Education―The firm hosts countless educational opportunities at our office on subjects that have direct connections to the practice of law i.e. cybersecurity, finance, ethics, e-discovery, etc.
    • Internal Networking―We require that different practice groups get together once per quarter to discuss their practices and discuss what strategies are working / not working. We have found this cross-pollination to be vital for groups to share information that might otherwise go un-captured.
    • Charity―At Thompson Burton, we consider making a difference synonymous with making a life. We do our best to strike the delicate balance of maximizing profitability while at the same time making a profound impact in our communities. It’s why we contribute to countless charities in quantities that dramatically exceed the norm in the legal profession.
    • Partner Compensation―At Thompson Burton, we have always placed a tremendous premium on transparency since the day we started. It’s one of the many reasons for our growth throughout the years: partners trust us because we never hide in the fine print. We have been very open about our compensation plan, which is very uncharacteristic in the legal profession. The standard law firms prefer to keep compensation terms vague and unintelligible. We’re unapologetically not standard.

When you join Thompson Burton, it’s more than a job, it’s a mission. We hope you catch the vision and choose to be part of our growing team.