Len Clements, MLM Expert and Consultant

Len Clements is a court certified expert in the field of multilevel marketing whose precise and full time field of study for the past 20 years has been researching and analyzing all aspects of MLM. Len has closely evaluated well over 600 MLM companies, and reviewed at least 600 more. He has been a successful distributor (#1 earner in 8 of 10 years) and held various corporate positions with MLM companies, including CEO. Len is also a professional speaker, trainer, and corporate consultant. He is the author of the controversial book “Inside Network Marketing” as well as the audio presentations “Case Closed!”, “The Quintessential Qualifying Question” and “The Coming Network Marketing Boom.”

MarketWave began as a “Consumer Reports” type of organization which reviewed and rated network marketing companies (1990 through 1997). Len continues to actively gather information specifically related to what causes MLM programs to succeed and fail, both financially and legally, which he incorporates into his training, corporate consulting and expert witness activities. For more information, visit http://www.MarketWaveInc.com.