Zeek Rewards Recovery

It’s been a busy few days in the MLM industry, to say the least. We recently had one of the fastest growing companies in MLM history, Zeek Rewards, come crashing down after being shut down as a ponzi scheme by the SEC. On my site, I summarized the SEC’s action and wrote about the implications for the MLM industry in general. The article can be found here. After writing the article, I was literally flooded with hundreds of messages from people that were affected by this disaster. The stories were remarkable. People left their jobs, cashed in on their retirements and drained their savings in an effort to maximize their earnings with Zeek.

The funds in Zeek Rewards have been voluntarily placed with a court appointed receiver. Zeek is not contesting the allegations in the SEC’s complaint. The receiver is now obligated to take stock of the assets and distribute funds back to the investors. Given the volume of victims, it’s going to be a very long process, in our opinion. Due to the volume of investors in Zeek, which is projected to be close to one million, we’re not sure how the receiver is going to effectively communicate with the class of investors. In an article on Forbes.com, the author put it into perspective when he wrote:

“While investor losses pale in comparison to those experienced by Madoff or Stanford investors, the sheer number of Zeek investors is on a magnitude that has never been dealt with before in a receivership or bankruptcy context. To illustrate, assuming Zeek had one million investors, a simple 1-page summary for each investor summarizing contributions and withdrawals, stacked together, would be 101.3 meters high, or roughly 300 feet. The staggering number of victims suggests that investigation of the fraud and establishment of a distribution process will likely be a drawn-out process involving hundreds, if not thousands, of people.”

Given my expertise in dealing with MLM law, and my partner’s experience with receiverships, our firm is uniquely positioned to communicate with the receiver on behalf of Zeek victims. Instead of getting lost in the stack, we can build numbers and collectively get a seat at the table.

If you invested in the Zeek program, please fill out the form below. If the form is not showing up in your inbox, please click here. There are no obligations after filling out the form. We’ll be publishing an action plan on Friday.


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