Herbalife Announces FTC Investigation

Herbalife announced that the FTC has initiated an investigation. While it’s not pleasant to deal with a government subpoena, this gives Herbalife an opportunity to put this issue to rest. Watch the video below to get my thoughts. In summary, I believe the FTC will use the data it collects from Herbalife to sharpen its saw in an effort to create better guidelines for network marketing companies. They’re not going to sue Herbalife (though I’m sure they’re thinking about it). If you’re reading this via email, click here to watch the video. The paper referenced in my video can be found embedded below (or here).

  • David Thornton


    WE state unequivocally that Herbalife is an illegal pyramid scheme.

    Our authority? Confident in the fact we we have never been wrong about any
    fraudulent activity we have targeted; from Xentel (Great West
    Entertainment exposed 1985 on CTV’s “W5” with my face obscured) to
    PKI Ponzi scheme – sentencing this month in Kitchener Ontario and our
    successful Judgment, in the 2006 against a 10 mil S.L.A.P.P.

    David Thornton

    Activist & Concerned Canadian Citizen: Simply doing what WE can to

    expose and eradicate fraud.