Amended DSA Code of Ethics: Are the modifications meaningful?

Beyond just ringing in a new year, January 1, 2016, also signified the enactment of the Direct Selling Association’s (“DSA”) latest Code of Ethics. Before breaking down the differences that exist between the new and previous versions, my commentary on the subject remains the same: the DSA has a long way to go before providing a Code […]

Talk Fusion – Class Action Lawsuit

Talk Fusion, a member of the DSA and a purported legitimate multilevel marketing company, was recently named in a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit can be found here and in its entirety below. The lawsuit was filed by Spreter Law Firm, based out of San Diego, California. It’s a meaty lawsuit, clocking in at 110 […]

Thompson Burton: Support Company of the Year

I’m extremely proud to announce that our firm, Thompson Burton PLLC, recently received an award from The Academy of Multilevel Marketing (“TAMM”). Taken from TAMM’s website: TAMM’s mission is to recognize and reward industry leaders in all categories of business who exhibit the “best of the best.” Spearheaded by friend and industry advocate Len Clements, […]

The Condition of MLM Legal Analysis: Be careful with what you read out there

The state of MLM law is in a bit of a mess due to the conflicting agendas of both critics and proponents. Post-Ackman, there’s a thermo-nuclear war being waged over two key issues: internal consumption and retail sales. This war has led to a deluge of content from both sides claiming to have the moral […]

Vemma Analysis: Lessons Learned – Part 2

This is Part Two of our series on the Vemma ruling. In Part One of our Vemma analysis, we dissected the Court’s ruling and attempted to explain the basis for the Judge’s conclusions. Part Two is a discussion on the Order’s implications for Vemma and the industry. Before we begin, it’s important to understand that […]

Vemma Preliminary Injunction Hearing: Cautiously Optimistic

I’m not one to report the news. I’m a lawyer, not a reporter. When I write about current events, I write from the context of providing education. I try to take my time and pull out the lessons. Here, I’m reporting on the news. While there’s a lot to be learned from this hearing, those […]