FTC’s Directive to DSA: Times are changing

Edith Ramirez, chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission, gave a powerful speech at the DSA’s Business and Policy Conference in Washington on October 25th.  While some in attendance were expecting a non-substantive speech, the kind one would expect from a high-ranking government official, Ramirez was anything but boring.  She gracefully navigated some very controversial terrain […]

Stream Decision Overturned: Class action pyramid lawsuit allowed to proceed

Around this time last year, we wrote an article about a Fifth Circuit decision that would have made pyramid class action litigation nearly an impossibility. After deciding to rehear the case, the Fifth Circuit recognized the logical fallacy of its prior decision and came to a different (and in my opinion) correct conclusion. The full court decision is here.  We’re not […]

Moving Forward, Here’s What the FTC’s Order Requires Herbalife to Do

After a two year investigation, Herbalife has agreed to pay a $200 million fine to the FTC and act in accordance with prescribed measures. With this morning’s announcement of a settlement, investors and proponents/opponents of the MLM industry alike are attempting to process what it all means for the Company’s future. Before we provide you an in-depth analysis […]

The Federal Anti-Pyramid Law (Summary and Analysis)

Congressman Marsha Blackburn, House Representative of the 7th District of Tennessee, has proposed the Anti-Pyramid Bill Federal that aims to clarify the differences between pyramid schemes and legitimate network marketing companies. If you’re connected to the network marketing industry, whether as a distributor, executive, vendor or owner, the importance of this bill (or a modified […]

Historical Perspective on the Seventy Percent Rule

Out of all of the topics covered in MLM law, there is not a single topic more obfuscated and misinterpreted than the 70% Rule. This rule has been purposefully screwed up by MLM critics in an effort to craft a narrative that suits their agenda. Candidly, I’m shocked that neither myself nor my peers have […]

Network Marketing in 2016: Back to Basics

When Paul O’Neil delivered his first speech as CEO at Alcoa (the aluminum manufacturing giant), he shocked the audience of shareholders when he disclosed his top priority for his tenure as CEO.  Instead of doing the usual dance where the CEO talks about increasing sales, increasing margins and driving down costs, he talked about something […]