About Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson is an MLM attorney, proud husband, father of four and a founding member of Thompson Burton PLLC. Named as “Supplier of the Year” in 2014 by the Association of Multilevel Marketing, Kevin Thompson has extensive experience to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses on secure legal footing. Thompson serves a broad spectrum in the industry, spanning from early stage startups to Wall Street hedge fund analysts. As seen recently on Bloomberg TV with Steve Forbes, Thompson is a thought-leader in the network marketing industry.

In a prior life, Kevin was an accomplished track athlete at the University of Tennessee, garnering all-American honors in the decathlon. Kevin developed his passion for direct sales as an Amway distributor, selling energy drinks and doing anything possible to earn extra cash while in school. With his competitive nature, Thompson was drawn to the world of working with young network marketing companies trying to make a difference selling superior products and services through networks of people. As a DSA supplier member, Kevin Thompson is actively involved to help steer the industry into a promising future. He has served as a keynote speaker for clients all across the world.

While Thompson appreciates working with great companies selling incredible products, he’s pragmatic enough to realize that the industry needs improvement. Thompson has been instrumental in leading several efforts to improve the network marketing industry from the inside out. These measures include the passing of state legislation regarding anti-pyramid rules, publicly denouncing inventory loading practices, conferring with multiple trade association board to steer policy and educating the community on best practices.

Prior to starting his law practice, Kevin gained valuable experience while serving as Chief Counsel for Signature Management Team, LLC, also known as Team. Team is one of the largest providers of sales aids for distributors in the network marketing industry. While at Team, Kevin worked closely with Amway and MonaVie’s compliance departments to ensure Team’s marketing materials passed regulatory review. Also during his tenure at Team, Kevin helped guide the company through commercial litigation with Amway. He has the experience, knowledge, connections and tools necessary to help entrepreneurs securely launch their businesses.


Co-Chair of Direct Selling Education Conference series, 2011-present
DSA Supplier Member – 2010 – 2017
2016 Super Lawyer
2014 Support Company of the Year, Academy of Direct Sales
2014 Speaker at Eric Worre’s Go Pro Recruiting Mastery conference
2014 Advocate of the Year, Direct Selling Live
2014 Super Lawyer
2013 Super Lawyer Rising Star
2002 – Athletic all-American, University of Tennessee Track and Field


Tennessee Law Review, 2005
MLM Attorney Blog, 100+ articles pertaining to network marketing profession
Tennessee Bar Association

Media Appearances


Wall Street Journal
Barclays Investor Alerts
The New Yorker
Natural Products Insider
NY Post



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David Sharpe

Empower Network

Robert James

Kevin and I have worked together on a number of my projects. Kevin is a man of integrity and quite frankly, they just don't come much better. He brings his best to the table in everything he does. If I needed help with anything, Kevin was available. In the rare situation when I was not able to reach him, he replied to my messages within 24 hours.

Kevin and I had the opportunity to be speakers at the grand opening of Moringo Organics in India. It was a great opportunity to get to know him on a personal level. If you're looking for someone to represent your company, Kevin brings more than his legal expertise to the table. He made himself available to a host of issues faced by the company. His experience and contributions were invaluable. With Kevin, we got more than a lawyer, we got a seasoned partner. I personally will be using Kevin on any and all my projects going forward.

Thank You Kevin for not only being a great attorney but a friend as well.

Robert James
Moringo Organics

Ken Stewart

Kevin, your expertise, professionalism and exemplarity services well performed have been invaluable to our Company. So much so that not only did we feel the best possible gesture to show our appreciation with paying your firm in full well in advance of our contract being due, I just had to write and share that in all my decades in the business world, you, your partner and your team are the first legal firm I've actually enjoyed sending money to. Thank you so very much; you are on my short list of highest priority for professional referral.

Ken Stewart, Chairman and CEO

Victor Macchia

Being a new start-up Party Plan company, we were seeking the best-of-the-best for our consulting A-Team.  When it came time for legal counsel on making sure we were doing everything right, Kevin's name was presented to us by other members of our consulting team, telling us he was the best...and they were right!  From the first minute Kevin was right there with us, literally day and night, as we had some deadlines we wanted to meet.  Always cool, always professional, and always one-step ahead...that's Kevin.  Most importantly to us, Kevin speaks English, not legalese!  That was extremely refreshing and helped move things along smoothly and without some of the usual stress that can come with dealing with legal counsel. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for an attorney who knows the direct selling market and makes working through the legal issues painless.

Jillian Chase, DSA Member

Steve Abraham

We are honored to have Mr. Kevin Thompson as our legal counsel since the inception of our company. Mr. Thompson provides invaluable legal counseling in many facets of our business. His guidance in with government laws and regulations, business practice and consumer rights, internal policies and agreements, and third party negotiations and contracts were instrumental to our success! We’ve been very impressed of his experience, more important, his business ethics and personal values. We can definitely say that Mr. Thompson has treated our business as if it was his business as well!

Robert Dickie

Having worked with some of the largest and most respected law firms in the United States on a myriad of cases and issues during my career, it is with great confidence that I say Kevin Thompson is one of the most talented attorneys I've had the pleasure of working with. I have personally witnessed Kevin handle work loads that would have taken three or four seasoned attorneys to handle. He radiates confidence and enthusiasm and is one of the most personable people you will meet. In his area of expertise, he has quickly shown that he is the industry leader and his ideas and opinions are sought after by business and government officials. He is a prolific author and expert on how the legal profession is currently undergoing a massive transformation regarding technologies, off-shore competition, downsizing, and social media and continues to offer his peers solid advice on what their profession needs to do to adapt to those changes. One of the most impressive attributes of Kevin is his moral compass and character and integrity.

Crown Financial Ministries

Milton Ault

Kevin by far is the most attentive Lawyer ever. I would you him for everything out business needed if I could. Kevin is there for you 24/7. One time he called me back same day when he was in south american. THE BEST period!!!

Kirby Wright

It was a pleasure working with Kevin. He was professional and delivered the documents we needed in a very timely fashion. His counsel was extremely valuable.


Buca Caron

Being in the MLM industry, I had heard of Kevin Thompson but never had the chance to meet him until a few years ago. I interviewed many attorneys but settled on Kevin and I'm glad I did. His background is second-to-none, his knowledge of MLM law is unmatched and his demeanor and willingness to say the hard things (especially the things I didn't want to hear) is without question the trait I appreciate the most.

If you are searching for an MLM attorney, your search can end hear; I did the vetting and Kevin is the real deal.

Tracy Monteforte

We are so happy our good friend referred us to Kevin Thompson for setting up our new multilevel marketing company. Kevin is extremely personable and patient and always takes the time to explain things in simple language that a layman can understand. We are very impressed with the thoroughness and speed at which he completes all assignments and how responsive he has been to our questions, often answering emails within minutes! His pricing is more than fair, far below quotes we have received from other MLM attorneys. While it may be true in most cases that you get what you pay for, with kevin Thompson we can honestly and emphatically state that we have received top value for our investment, and then some! We can rest well at night knowing that Kevin is on our side, keeping us 100% compliant with MLM laws in all fifty states. We couldn't recommend Kevin more highly!


Phil Sorentino

We needed a lawyer to help us with negotiations with a Relationship/MLM company. Kevin took the time to understand our needs, as well as the company’s. Throughout the negotiations, he was always focused on making the agreement work for both sides. We have worked with numerous lawyers in our 29 years in business. We also do continuing education for lawyers. Kevin is one that we would unconditionally recommend not only for his expertise, also for his style.

Atticus Killough

Kevin helped us put our corporate documents in place and walked us through everything from soup to nuts.  In addition, he is a consummate mediator and has helped us through several complex contract negotiations.  Definitely someone you want on your side in all things MLM!  He came highly recommended by a friend, and I'm happy to pass the recommendation on to any and all I know.

Cash Texts

Lisa Diaz

Kevin Thompson has been a wonderful resource for advice and expertise regarding all things MLM. He has been instrumental for our company in guiding us through the process of getting started in this often complicated world of MLM law. What first impressed me was his willingness to listen and learn about my business plan and what my needs actually were. He has consistently been responsive, professional and easy to talk to. I would recommend Kevin without hesitation.

Homecoming Trunk Shows

Jennifer Rice

Kevin has been a huge help to us. Not only does he review items we send, but he also takes the time to explain his thoughts and educate us along the way. I never have a problem reaching him and in the event I do have to leave a message, I almost always get a call back within an hour or two. His review and turnaround times are very quick. I am very happy we have him on retainer.... his counsel brings me peace of mind.

Multi-Pure International

Juan Cabrera

Under the definition of the word “professional” the name Kevin Thompson, should appear.  He was always available to speak with us and his response time is exceptional.  t has truly been a pleasure working with you, Kevin.

Sonny Martell

I was researching MLM attorneys, and I came upon Kevin Thompson's name. I spoke with four other MLM attorneys besides Kevin, but I almost knew immediately he was the person I was looking for to work with. I spoke with Kevin several times before we began working together, and every time I spoke with him he was pleasant and friendly. When Kevin had an opinion of something he believed should be changed in my business he was honest, and straight with me.

Kevin was extremely efficient in his assessment of my company, and quickly figured out what I was trying to achieve. He was fast, helpful, and made me feel as though I had someone on my side that knew what they were talking about. Thank you Kevin! It has, and will continue to be a pleasure working with you.

Me Power

Robert Terrell

Kevin Thompson is a GOD send! He is my hero, when we came to Kevin, we had a great idea and concept, but we needed some serious legal advice, guidance and direction in order to have our best chance to be successful. He has helped me and my team tremendously by being responsive, thorough, and one of the few mlm attorneys left out there, that actually really cares about you. I would highly recommend him to everybody I know. Thanks a million Kevin!

Eric Gleaton

Kevin Thompson's service to our company was more than we expected. The whole preocess was excellent and we look forward to working with Kevin for years to come.

Matt Dewalt

Kevin and I competed on the Track team. He quickly became a leader on the team and was a major contributor to the National Championship that Tennessee earned. He's a leader, a do'er. Kevin is someone I would trust both personally and professionally. He's one of the most solid all around guys - I think most people who know him would say the same.

Robert Cassidy

Kevin is one of the best communicators, written and verbal, I’ve come across and I’ve always felt being good at both is nearly impossible. He also has the uncanny ability to break down complicated issues into understandable pieces so they can then be more easily evaluated. Kevin always takes the position on issues that he feels good about supporting, even if it’s the unpopular position. And as a lawyer he is very good at communicating complicated legal issues so the lay person can follow without needing broad legal knowledge. He’s a valuable asset to any team.

Janet Signaigo

Kevin Thompson is the most well rounded individual. It was a pleasure to work with him. He is focused and on the top of his game when challenged. It's fun to watch him on facebook, chasing his kids and supporting his family . I certainly admire him and his many accomplishments.

Wendy Branson

I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Thompson, our Chief Legal Counsel, since May 2007. Since the time we have worked together, I have observed Kevin demonstrate standards of excellence in his work and personal integrity. Along with his powerful ability to strategize solutions and solve problems, he is also very passionate, charismatic and influential. From my perspective as an HR Manager, Kevin is an excellent partisan of empowerment in the work place and a great advocate for employee welfare. Not only has Kevin supported me in implementing employee welfare programs, but he has successfully implemented his own including a paid maternity leave program and team sports activities. He possesses the intellect to rapidly analyze information, formulate an impenetrable argument and deliver his argument with strength and confidence. He is an impressive balance of tact, logic and commanding presentation – the kind of attorney you really hope is on your side! In addition to all the above mentioned qualities, I have also witnessed Kevin enter the world of parenthood with enthusiasm, dedication and affection. He has faced some unusually challenging circumstances with his new born son and we all watched him balance his career, emotions and family with greatness. He is an exceptional example of a dedicated husband and father. Everything Kevin attempts, despite obstacles, he does so successfully. He has set the bar high for himself and he consistently over-achieves. I have learned a great deal from him and am grateful to have been able to work with him.

Signature Management Team

Nick Young

Kevin is truly a 21st century attorney. After hiring Kevin to do some litigation for my firm, he began negotiations with the client, stood firm throughout the process, and reported back to me - in hours, not days - something almost any other attorney cannot or will not do. Forget the large offices when working with Kevin. His consultancy is based on portability and efficiency. He gets the job done right, and on time.

Don Freeze

I had the good fortune to work with Kevin over the past several years. Kevin is bright, erudite, hardworking and personable, but the quality I admire most is his honesty. Never would he sacrifice his principles for any reason. Unfortunately, that quality is hard to come by today. If you have a chance to work with or employ Kevin, thank your lucky stars!

Chuck Goetschel

Kevin represented me on some very complex litigation and did excellent work. He is very personable, uniquely trustworthy and has exceptional knowlege of the direct sales industry. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Dan Jensen

I worked with Kevin on a compensation plan project and was most impressed with his professionalism, his expertise in the direct selling industry, and his work ethic. I would recommend him to anybody as an effective attorney in the direct selling industry.

Dan Jensen Consulting

Jerry Love

The quality of service and timeliness that Kevin provides is outstanding. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great resource for solving complex issues. I would highly recomend Kevin.

Scott Lewis

Kevin, was the ultimate professional. We felt we got the best legal advice available in the industry and his track record and reputation held a lot of weight toward the end goal! We felt like Kevin had our best interest at heart and we felt like he guided to the result that made the most sense for our family.

Thank you Kevin, we will always be grateful for the service you provided us.

Kevin's Mom

Kevin is focused, determined, hard working and honest. If he acts up, let me know!

Kevin's mom