You Can Be Right, or You Can Be Happy

If you’re married, you’ve undoubtedly heard the sage, old advice: “You can be right, or you can be happy.” The premise is simple: when in a disagreement with your spouse, it’s probably best not to argue EVEN IF you have him/her dead to rights. If you have concrete proof that dispels your spouse of all […]

FTC: The Empire Tries to Strikes Back

In the first Star Wars, the evil empire reveals its master plan of subjugating the galaxy with its awesome weapon: the Death Star. We all know how it ends, Luke Skywalker, against all odds, blows it up. 1 shot…in some sort of vent, triggers a chain reaction that destroys the entire thing. Needless to say, […]

Unanimous Decision: FTC loses in Supreme Court decision

In a unanimous Supreme Court decision, the Supreme Court has held, “Section 13(b) does not authorize the Commission to seek, or a court to award, equitable monetary relief such as restitution or disgorgement.” Translated into English: The FTC has been abusing its power for decades. It’s a devastating blow to the FTC’s credibility. To recap: […]

Forex and MLM: Good fit or meatball sundae?

The “meatball sundae” analogy comes from my favorite Seth Godin book. The premise: simply because someone likes ice cream and meatballs does not mean it’s a good idea to mix the two. Is it a good idea to mix energy drinks and alcohol, steak and donuts, diamond rings and young wives? Maybe, but not always. […]

Network Marketing and Political Speech: Should there be limits?

Black Lives Matter Blue Lives Matter Make America Great Again #COVID19Hoax #Impeach45 Defund the Police Nickelback is an awesome band! Take your pick. Feel triggered? Welcome to 2020. Despite it being a presidential election year, with high levels of unemployment, with a novel/deadly virus among us, income inequality on the rise, social unrest, violent protests […]

FTC Gets a Dose Of Its Own Medicine: Required to account for years of enforcement history

The FTC’s ability to regulate consumer markets is largely created and limited by Section 5 of the FTC Act. The FTC’s power comes from US, you and I legislatively, by way of our chosen representatives. There’s a specific provision in the Act that pertains to the sorts of remedies the FTC can obtain in its […]