Starting a Network Marketing Company: 10 basic building blocks for a strong start

Back in a prior life when I was competing in the decathlon for the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!), one of my favorite events was the 110-meter-high hurdles. The race is probably the most intense event out of the 10, requiring massive amounts of preparation, energy and focus. It’s also a race where things can […]

DS-SRC: The industry’s positive first step towards self regulation

The Direct Selling – Self Regulatory Council (DSSRC) is a good first step towards meaningful self regulation. Without question, the industry needs additional oversight. The FTC got heavily involved during the Herbalife / Vemma years, much to the chagrin of industry insiders. The results were messy, imprecise, and predictable. It was predictable because absent meaningful […]

CBD: Where are the boundaries?

DISLCAIMER: There are attorneys out there that dedicate their professional careers to primarily servicing the Hemp and medical marijuana sectors both at the state and national levels. I’m not one of them. If anything in the article is off, I want to hear about it so we can provide updates. Summary: CBD cannot be marketed […]

DSA Launching Self-Regulatory Scheme, Promising Tough Changes Ahead

As reported in Social Selling News, the Direct Selling Association is preparing to launch a third-party (independent) entity that’s responsible for policing the network marketing channel. Taken from the DSA chairman’s speech, Joe Mariano said, “With a new mission, the yet-to-be-named entity will serve as an independent compliance enforcement group and will respond to compliance […]

10 Simple Heuristics to Identify Healthy Companies

I was recently asked to list out 10 factors that distributors could use to measure companies. After having represented countless companies and been on the front lines to observe both good and bad behaviors, I have a pretty good idea about the important factors. So here goes, in no particular order… 1) Experienced Leadership In […]