The FTC Should Not Be Trusted – Letter to 3 Members of Congress

I wrote a letter to my representatives in Congress in August of 2021. See below for the contents. The letter was sent to clearly oppose the FTC’s efforts to expand their power via Congress. This is how a democracy works…the agencies seek consent from the governed by way of our elected leaders. I made my […]

You Can Be Right, or You Can Be Happy

If you’re married, you’ve undoubtedly heard the sage, old advice: “You can be right, or you can be happy.” The premise is simple: when in a disagreement with your spouse, it’s probably best not to argue EVEN IF you have him/her dead to rights. If you have concrete proof that dispels your spouse of all […]

FTC: The Empire Tries to Strikes Back

In the first Star Wars, the evil empire reveals its master plan of subjugating the galaxy with its awesome weapon: the Death Star. We all know how it ends, Luke Skywalker, against all odds, blows it up. 1 shot…in some sort of vent, triggers a chain reaction that destroys the entire thing. Needless to say, […]

Unanimous Decision: FTC loses in Supreme Court decision

In a unanimous Supreme Court decision, the Supreme Court has held, “Section 13(b) does not authorize the Commission to seek, or a court to award, equitable monetary relief such as restitution or disgorgement.” Translated into English: The FTC has been abusing its power for decades. It’s a devastating blow to the FTC’s credibility. To recap: […]

Forex and MLM: Good fit or meatball sundae?

The “meatball sundae” analogy comes from my favorite Seth Godin book. The premise: simply because someone likes ice cream and meatballs does not mean it’s a good idea to mix the two. Is it a good idea to mix energy drinks and alcohol, steak and donuts, diamond rings and young wives? Maybe, but not always. […]

Network Marketing and Political Speech: Should there be limits?

Black Lives Matter Blue Lives Matter Make America Great Again #COVID19Hoax #Impeach45 Defund the Police Nickelback is an awesome band! Take your pick. Feel triggered? Welcome to 2020. Despite it being a presidential election year, with high levels of unemployment, with a novel/deadly virus among us, income inequality on the rise, social unrest, violent protests […]