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Kevin Thompson is an experienced MLM attorney, proud husband, father and a founding member of Nashville, TN based law firm Thompson Burton PLLC. Named as “Supplier of the Year” in 2014 by the Association of Multilevel Marketing, Kevin Thompson has extensive experience in mlm legal services and focuses on helping entrepreneurs launch their business on secure legal footing. He can provide multi level marketing legal services for clients in Tennessee, Utah, Texas, and California.


Multi Level Marketing Legal Services

Multi level marketing (MLM) laws, also known as network marketing laws, are designed to protect against pyramid schemes. In invalid multi level marketing companies, it’s common for participants to inject their own money into the business in hopes of moving up the pyramid. However, it’s rare for those participants to ever share in the company’s profit. Most often, participants end up losing their investment while few individuals at the top of the pyramid gather significant earnings. Network marketing has become either illegal or strictly regulated across the United States.

By following network marketing law, MLM attorneys consider the way a business sells its services and the way that participants are compensated. This allows network marketing attorneys to protect participants from illegitimate programs. If you are the victim of a violation in multilevel marketing law, MLM attorney Kevin Thompson has extensive experience in helping participants and consumers get the compensation they deserve. Contact Kevin Thompson today.


Direct Sales Business Lawyer

Direct sales laws hold companies accountable for the way they engage with salespeople and consumers. Under direct sales law, companies are required to give their salespeople accurate information about their products and services, provide training for their sales team, supply compensation plans, and more. When companies violate these laws, they affect the legitimacy of the salesman. Direct sales business attorneys address complex legal issues on behalf of salesmen and consumers.

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